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We, at Aim packers and movers offer Car Carrier & Transportation Services in Gurgaon To all over India. We offer worthwhile Car Carrier & Transportation Services and make sure our clients or customers fro quick, smooth, and prompt deliveries of your most prized cars. While transporting your cars we take utmost care of your cars and make safe them for even a minor scratch. We have earned a reputation to provide quality relocation services including, packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, cargo, and off course Car Carrier & Car Transportation. We handle transporting all types of cars. We transport cars by special designed covered Car Container Trucks, Car Carrier Trailer Trucks,

While transferring your cars we, at Aim packers and movers take special care be cause we know that your car is most prized belonging. While transporting your car, we take care of even a minor scratch in your car. And we make sure that your car will reach at the final destination in time safely. So, if you are in need of a provider of Car Carrier & Transportation Services, please contact us. We will try to offer you our best services and make you stress free.

Most auto transport companies require some preparation to be made in advance to the vehicle being picked up for shipping.

Following is a list of the pre-move activities carried by movers and packers:

  • Inspection of the vehicle is done by the company's expert in the presence of a customer / his representative.
  • The vehicle needs to be operable (though some companies move inoperable vehicles for an extra charge).
  • The vehicle should be free from any fluid leaks.
  • All personal belongings need to be removed from the vehicle prior to shipping. It is against the law for any vehicle carrier to accept a vehicle with personal items inside.
  • Hazardous materials cannot be transported in this manner.
  • Roof racks or other non-permanent items must also be removed.
  • The alarm system in vehicle must be disabled or disconnected.
  • All antennas must be removed or fully retracted.
  • The passenger cars / jeep / multi-utility vehicles etc, which are in the registered category, may be imported without a license. This can be obtained on payment of full customs duty by certain categories of importers.
  • Also, custom duty is to be paid in foreign convertible currency and the rate of duty on new cars, used cars, spares etc are different. The methods of calculating the depreciation on the vehicle in transit are also different and accordingly the rates vary.